Tips for keeping a personal injury claim for slips and falls

If you are ever involved in a situation where you or a loved one suffers a slip and fall while in a store or office, the hope would be for an insurance company to do the right thing and take responsibility for the negligence. Unfortunately, many insurance companies seek to blame the injured parties for the accident to avoid compensating for their injuries. Consequently, it is important that you remember these following tips to preserve your potential personal injury claim:

  1. Write the details. Be sure to write down the name of everyone who witnessed the accident. This means the employees, manager and witnesses. Get their full names and, for witnesses who are not employees, your address and phone numbers if possible. These employees and witnesses may be called to testify about the facts of the fall. Also, write a description of what happened before the fall and what caused the fall while it is fresh in your mind, whether it is a liquid, a hole, etc.
  2. Take photos. Take pictures of the scene of the accident, including what caused the fall, the condition of the floor surrounding the location of the fall, and any marks on your body (bruises or cuts). These photos can be used as evidence to support your claim.
  3. Although it is not an obligation of the establishment, it is important that you ask for a report of the accident and ask for a copy of it, although you are not obliged to provide it.
  4. Call a lawyer. Finally, make sure you call a lawyer immediately for advice and take the necessary steps to protect the evidence. It is important that you do this as soon as possible so that a lawyer can send a letter to the responsible parties, asking them to keep all the evidence, including the accident survival video.

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